About TwitBlock

TwitBlock is a junk filter and bulk blocking tool for Twitter. It scans your followers for nuisance accounts and makes it easy to block them all in one place. You can also see who you're already blocking; something you can't do on twitter.com.

The mission

Twitter will always attract spammers, malicious bots, and less-than-ethical business tactics. These entities have no place within our online communities - if you're being followed by unsavoury Twitter accounts, you should block and report them so that Twitter can shut them down. By using TwitBlock to report spam you are helping improve the service for others.

Since TwitBlock launched in 2009, Twitter have a done a good job of cutting down the junk, but the problem still exists and dodgy accounts aren't always easy to spot. Sometimes it's a matter of opinion - see the FAQs for our definition of Twitter spam.

Please be careful not to report innocent individuals. Unlike your email junk filter, marking a Twitter account as spam may have actual consequences for the account owner. TwitBlock is a tool to bring the most likely junk accounts to the surface - it isn't a substitute for your brain.

If you have any questions, check the FAQs or give @twitblockapp a shout on Twitter.

Hat tips

Our logo was designed by the ever-enthusiastic Joe Prytherch, to whom we are eternally grateful.

This site runs on open source software including PHP, Nginx, and Memcached.

Support us

Twitblock is a completely free service. If you find it useful, please consider donating to our running costs.


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About the author

TwitBlock was built by developer Tim Whitlock in 2009, just for fun. He's a freelancer working in London and currently working on his startup, a localisation management system called Loco.